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Gaming Concepts - Presented by Unified Esports Association (Zoom)

Mon, Oct 11 2021
6:00pm - 7:00pm Central
Virtual Branch
Age Group
For teens


AbdulRasheed Yahaya
Virtual Event


A series of classes that provide an opportunity for students to actively learn and participate in the up-and-coming sport of eGaming. This course aims to provide students with the tools and understanding of how to navigate the world of eGaming. Students will engage with topics such as goal setting, team building, mental health, and learn about eGaming opportunities such as scholarships and professional development.

Series registration will close 5:30pm Oct 12th. Participants will be emailed a Zoom access code 15 minutes before the start of each program. So please include your email in the registration. Please note: You must sign into the room prior to the start of the program. Space is limited.

1) Goal Setting and Decision-Making Skills Lesson Overview: Most video games of today aren’t one-time play and win games. Players level up and the more they play the higher their ranking. By setting goals, players not only measure their practiced improvement, but setting goals also helps players to monitor as well as limit or increase playing time according to goal success.

2) How Do I Teach Video Games Lesson Overview: The short answer is you cannot and you should not. This course is not about teaching students how to play specific games; it is about showing students how to play any game with the correct posture and behavior. We want to open their eyes to the potential that video games can help them achieve in their lives. It would be nearly impossible for a teacher to know every strategy relating to every game that is being played on the college or professional level. Teaching the games themselves would be akin to one individual teaching subject matter in math, history, English, woodworking, business, computers and art. The different game types vary so much that any one of them could be taught over the course of a semester and still not be fully understood. The goal should be to help students analyze game data and break it down so that they communicate the strategy to others in a positive and helpful way.

3) “Why do you spend so much time on those stupid games?” Lesson Overview: If they are into gaming, most gamers have heard it, “Why do you spend so much time on those stupid games?” Is it a hobby, pastime, way to interact with friends or meet people? Is it a future career interest, scholarship opportunity, or is it just something fun to do? Perhaps it is a combination of some or all of these reasons. Regardless, it’s good for students to reflect on why they spend time gaming not only for their own knowledge, but also so they can explain their love to others, too.

4) Team Building -- Effective Communication Lesson Overview: To have a competitive eSports team, participants should be practicing nearly daily; however, simply practicing the mechanics of the game are not the only skills that make teams successful. Communication is also one of the keys to success. This following team-building activity is a deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning how to work together and communicate in small to medium-sized groups

5) Health and Nutrition Speaker Lesson Overview: The best way for students to learn more about a job is for someone in the position to actually talk to them about it. Invite a speaker to talk to students about health and nutrition. If you can find a person who games on a regular basis that would be great as well. The speaker could share their own personal experiences with balancing gaming, exercise and getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Local gyms, health and wellness coaches, or coaches within the district might be great resources to help you find speakers.

6) Router Basics Lesson Overview: What is a router? Most students will know that this is where the “magical” wi-fi comes from. This lesson will explain what exactly the router does and why the router is an important part of any home or business network connection.

7) Toxic Play Lesson Overview: One of the downfalls of online gaming can be the toxic environment that sometimes exists. Students will reflect on real-life toxic experiences and brainstorm how to handle and prevent them from happening.

8) How Much is too much? Lesson Overview: There is a lot of debate about how much screen time is too much, whether or not screen time is detrimental to a child’s brain and health, and what limits should be put on screen time. In this lesson, students will research

9) Advocating for Esports Lesson Overview: Many people are excited about eSports in schools, not only as an extracurricular activity, but also as content for curriculum. Although most people are supportive of classes on video game development, or using video games to teach common curriculum such as history and math, most people find it difficult to understand how actually teaching how to play video games can be of value to students. In the following five lessons, students will explore the benefits of teaching video games in school and make a presentation on their findings.

10) Professional Speaker -- Gamer Health Lesson Overview: Invite an expert from the local community to speak to students about a topic on health and gaming that students are interested in. Depending on student interests and proximity to a professional familiar with gaming, speakers could include addictions counselor, mental health counselor, chiropractor, doctor, psychologist, physical therapist, social worker, occupational therapist, etc.

11) Log Book Reflection Lesson Overview: Each day, students spend 10 minutes at the end of class filling out their Log Books. If done properly, these Log Books can be a valuable reflection tool. If not done properly, these Log Books are a big waste of time. Spending time in class reflecting on their past actions will not only make the assignment more authentic, but it will also help students learn how reflection can be a valuable life skill that everyone should practice.


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