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Shooting Video

Arts Instruction
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For teens


Story Center Event
Blindeye, LLC
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Get a hands-on look at how to shoot video. Discover what it takes to get that perfect shot for video and photography. See some of the most iconic shots in cinema history and get a chance to sit behind a camera and make your own history.


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Young Rembrandts: Let's Draw the Solar System

Thu, Jun 27 2019
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Kids will draw their own solar system and learn how STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) all work together to help us understand and appreciate the beauty of our solar system.

Surrealism and the Shadowbox

Sat, Jul 13 2019
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Draw Caricatures with Marietta!

Wed, Jul 17 2019
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Registration Required
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ArtRage for Teens

Thu, Jul 18 2019
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Registration Required
Learn how to paint, blend, sketch, and draw using a laptop and ArtRage software. Using ArtRage’s easy to use art tools you’ll start creating your own works of art right away.
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