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Tax Help for Seniors (Free from AARP)

Tue, Mar 20 2018
9:00am - 1:00pm
Personal Finance
Age Group
For adults




Participants are asked bring the following documents (if applicable) with them the day of their tax help session: a copy of your 2016 return; proof of all 2017 income: Social Security SSA-1099 (pink border in upper right), W2's (wage statements) ***only Missouri and Kansas***, 1099's from pensions, interest, dividends; proof of 2017 expenses: if itemizing, total all drug charges, medical charges and miscellaneous charities, Real Estate Taxes & Personal Property Taxes, Student Loans & Expenses, Mortgage interest statements, statement from landlord showing their Federal ID# and total rent paid; photo ID & Social Security card for ALL people on the Return; a blank check for refund deposit; proof of medical insurance in 2017.


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