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Your Computer, Your Way: Adaptive Technology for Your Computer

Published on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 07:45am
woman using laptop

I recently read an article about Logitech’s adaptive gaming kit for people with disabilities. I started to wonder: What is the difference between “adaptive technology” and “assistive technology”? So, off I went, straight to Google.

After some research, I learned that “assistive technology” is an umbrella term for devices, resources, and tools that make certain activities in daily life easier for the elderly and people with disabilities. Adaptive technologies are under the assistive technology umbrella and include devices specifically created for individuals with disabilities that a person without a disability wouldn’t need to use. This would include computer screen readers, screen magnifiers, large-print keyboards for people with low vision, and symbol-making software for people with speech disabilities, just to name a few.

When using your computer, there are a few assistive and adaptive settings and features available to make the experience easier:

  • Adaptive technology available on Windows 10 (found in your “Ease of Access” settings) – Magnifier, narrator, color filters, closed captioning, and more
  • Adaptive technology available on Apple devices (choose your type of device in the upper right of the screen below “Support”) – Switch control, hover text, screen flash, and more

You can even find accessibility options on your smartphone or tablet! If you need help finding these settings on your mobile devices or on a laptop, find out if your local MCPL branch offers a Tech Talk program. Bring in your device, and have one of our awesome tech associates help you find your device’s accessibility settings. So, no matter what your needs are, there’s something out there to make using your computer easier!

Brityni S.
Consumer Tech Specialist

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