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Want to Create a Survey? Google Forms Makes It Easy!

Want to Create a Survey? Google Forms Makes It Easy!

October 20, 2020

Google Forms is a free tool that allows you to easily create opinion polls, event registrations, quizzes, and more. The form can be shared with respondents by emailing a message, copying and pasting a link into a chat, sharing a link on social media, or embedding a link into a webpage. The collected responses are then stored in a worksheet that can only be accessed through a Google account login. Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Create a New Form

  1. Go to
  2. Name your form in the top left corner by typing over Untitled Form
  3. Add questions.
    1. Click Untitled question and enter your question.
    2. You may optionally change the response type by clicking the Down Arrow to the right of the default response type. 
    3. You may also make a required question (the user cannot submit the form without answering the question) by toggling the Required switch to the “on” position.
  4. To add additional questions, click the + in the tool bar to the right of your first question.
  5. Optional
    1. You may customize the theme by clicking the paint pallet icon at the top right.
    2. You can preview what the form looks like by clicking the eye icon at the top right.
    3. By clicking the gear icon at the top right, you can change other form settings, such as limiting the respondents to only one entry.

Step 2:  Send Your Form

  1. Click Send at the top right.
  2. Choose how you want to send the form. There are several options:
    1. Email – Click the “envelop” icon. Enter the email addresses you want to send the form to, and then you can customize the subject line and message content.
    2. Link – Click the “chain link” icon. You can shorten the URL by clicking the appropriate box, and then click “Copy.” You can then paste the link into an email or chat.
    3. Website content – Click the “< >” icon, and Copy and paste the HTML into your website or blog.
    4. Social Media – Click on one of the social media icons.

Step 3: Analyze Your Responses

  1. Simply open your form, and click on the Reponses tab. You can see a summary of all responses or look at individual responses.
  2. Optional:
    1. You can send the responses to a spreadsheet by clicking the Create Spreadsheet icon at the top right. The spreadsheet is linked to your form, so responses appear in real time.
    2. You can also download the responses to a comma-separated file by clicking on the More icon and selecting Download responses.

For additional information check out one of the Library’s videos on demand.

Sheila S.
Blue Springs North Branch

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