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Unplug to Power Up

Published on Thu, 03/22/2018 - 11:46am
pull the plug

As a Consumer Technology Specialist for the Library, it’s my job to get people excited about learning technology skills through both the classes we offer as well as the online resources available through our website. As much as I love sharing my knowledge of technology with others, I also understand the importance of unplugging.

Some of you may have heard about a recent event called the National Day of Unplugging where people were encouraged to disconnect from technology for 24 hours in order to better connect with themselves and to those around them. While unplugging one day per year is a nice gesture, this person discovered that going one step further and unplugging one day per week has greatly increased his productivity at work.

To get a better idea of exactly how much of our time and resources our devices can take from us, this article not only shares some of the statistics associated with just how over-connected we are to our devices, but it also offers some great tips for how to unplug. This article from Fitness magazine, which you can access digitally through the Library’s online resource RBdigital, also mentions some of the health benefits of unplugging.

Whatever your reason for wanting to unplug, you can search our databases and find thousands of helpful results from magazines, books, academic journals, and more to better inform your decision to disconnect.

Eric P.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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