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Tracy Tries: Mango Languages (Korean)

Tracy Tries: Mango Languages (Korean)

September 20, 2022

Hello and welcome to the relaunch of Tracy Tries! If you don’t remember, or if this is your first Tracy Tries blog, let me recap: I am trying different resources that MCPL offers, and I’m currently enrolled in the Korean course offered by Mango Languages. I’m 90 days into learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and I am ready to move on to learning words and phrases.

To get started, I first previewed the “Mango Languages To Go” tech video on the Library’s YouTube page so that I had an idea of how the Mango Languages app worked. Then I downloaded and installed the app using the instructions from the Niche Academy tutorial. These tutorials are a hidden gem on the Library’s website and are found by opening the blue “Tutorials” slider on the right side of the page.


After setting up the app by logging in and choosing my language, I was ready to start learning. For now, I’ve only completed one lesson. The Verdict: I’m enjoying it so far! The app was incredibly easy to set up, and I quickly began my lessons. My favorite thing so far is the culture notes. Learning more about the language is incredibly interesting to me.

Culture Note_0.png

I have a confession to make—I’m a slow language learner! My plan is to try Mango Languages for three months and see what I think of it. This will give me time to learn at my own pace and to evaluate the app. I don’t want to make this stressful or burn myself out since it’s supposed to be fun! Mango has over 70 languages to choose from.

Join me as I try Mango Languages!

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