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Tips for Printing Label Sheets

Published on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 08:35am
Tips for Printing Label Sheets

You’ve typed your label information into a document. You have your printer. You just bought a package of labels. You’re ready to print. Right? Well…maybe.

From time to time, printing labels can be a challenge for even the most experienced of us. If you print labels often, you may have developed your own system, but most of us rarely print labels and need to start all over with the basics each time we print them. 

Placing the label sheet into the printer tray incorrectly can cause labels to roll off the sheet while the printer is printing, leading to labels stuck on the rollers and other inside parts—and a potential repair bill! Label sheets placed without precision in the printer tray can also lead to information being printed off the label and even onto a second label. Here are some tips for printing labels:


  •     Determine if your label sheet has the same top and bottom margins. Any slight difference will make a vast difference in the labels printing correctly.
  •     Place the top of the label sheet where it will feed into the printer first.
  •     Before using a label sheet, print the information on a plain piece of paper and then compare that printout to the label sheet.
    Mark your plain sheet of paper with details on how you will place it in the printer. Add information such as “label side,” “no labels,” “top,” and “bottom.” If your print job doesn’t match the details, keep trying with plain paper until they do.


Blank Sheet Example.png

             Be sure to watch the labels toward the bottom of the sheet. Sometimes, the first few rows of labels print on the labels correctly but gradually start printing lower on               the l label sheet. By the time the printer is printing on the lower portion of the page, information is printing on the bottom edge of the labels or partially printing on                 another label.

  •   Some additional, more advanced tips include: 
    Check to see if a header/footer was accidentally added to the label document.
    Double-check the defined paper size.
    Clean your printer’s rollers.
    Update your printer driver.

To learn more about Microsoft Word mail merge and creating label sheets, be sure to watch our three-part series of virtual classes on the MCPL360 Facebook page on July 29, August 26, and September 23 at 1:00 p.m.

Terri M.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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