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Three Library Resources for Addressing End-of-Life Issues

Published on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 01:56pm
Elderly care

Dealing with matters pertaining to the end of life can be a challenging topic to address­—death and dying are not exactly the most pleasant topics of conversation. Thinking about this topic, however, when a person is healthy can make addressing the issues an easier process than when someone is dying.

In general, end-of-life issues are divided into three areas: health care, finances/estate, and funeral and burial decisions. The Library offers many resources in various formats that can help you address these difficult topics:

Legal Forms and Resources

Missouri Legal Forms is a database available with your MCPL Access Pass (Library card) that allows you to search for legal forms, such as durable power of attorney for health care, living wills, and durable power of attorney for property and finances.

Additional resources outside the Library that you might consider are:

  • A pamphlet from the Missouri Bar that contains the durable power of attorney for health care and health care directive as well as FAQs about these forms.
  • A booklet from the Missouri Attorney General’s Office titled Life Choices, which also contains information about end-of-life topics and relevant legal forms.
  • A checklist from the FTC to help consumers think about the costs of funerals.
  • An online resource from NOLO that provides information about obtaining a death certificate, embalming, funerals, and burials in the state of Missouri. This resource has links to the relevant Missouri statutes that form the legal basis for the information they provide.
  • For those interested in organ donation in the state of Missouri, the Department of Health and Senior Services has produced an information sheet about this process.

Health Databases

The health and wellness databases available at the Library allow you to research end-of-life health issues. There are two that are particularly relevant: Consumer Health Complete and MEDLINE. In both of these, you can search for phrases such as “end of life” or “death and dying” and find relevant articles on this topic. Other relevant search terms are “terminal care” and “palliative care.” Both databases have articles from medical journals and magazines. Consumer Health Complete also has encyclopedias and fact sheets that you can access as well.


The Library also has a wide range of books that address a variety of issues related to the end of life. Below are a few.


General Information About-End of-Life Issues:

Legal Resources:

Bradley A.
Woodneath Library Center



I need these documents sometimes but I forget to remember where to get them.

Can this page be bookmarked on your site?


Great information. Thank you for highlighting.

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