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Tech Tool Tip: Adding Multiple Destinations in Maps

Published on Tue, 05/14/2019 - 07:59am

Last week, a couple came to a Tech Talk program at the Library to ask questions about their iPhones. They were new to smartphones and didn’t have much knowledge on how they worked. As they played with making calls, taking photos, and closing apps, the husband asked, “If we’re using Siri in the Maps app, can she direct us to another location at the same time?” Basically, can you add multiple destinations to the Apple Maps app? Yes, you can!


First, open the Apple Maps app. Type in your destination, and then tap the green “Go” button. Above your trip details is a short, gray bar. Drag up on this bar to view your travel options. You may be a little limited with what options you have along your route—depending on where you are—but you can choose Gas Station, Lunch (or Breakfast or Dinner), or Coffee as extra destinations along your current route.


Choose one from the listing that sounds good or isn’t too far off course, and then tap the green “Go” button. Apple Maps will set you on your new route! Once you’ve finished, tap the blue banner across the top to resume your previous course.


Now, if you’re a Google Maps user, you can add multiple destinations to your trip as well! Hopefully this comes in handy for any upcoming trips you have planned for Memorial Day!

Brityni S.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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