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Science Snippets with Slade: Part 2, World Book

Science Snippets with Slade: Part 2, World Book

April 1, 2020

If you’re new to the series, welcome! This blog series revolves around the adventures of my five-year-old son, Slade. He’s testing out Early Learning by World Book, and this is Part 2!

In Part 1, Slade started a section on Bones. Since the book was only six pages, he didn’t have to go back to the menu to choose another section. Halfway through the section on Muscles, he said, “I am so done! I want to play a game!” Kids these days… Moving on to games then!


Like most children of Generation Alpha, Slade needed no guidance finding what he wanted on the online resource. He navigated the screen very easily and knew what the icons represented since they were very easy to locate and understand. He knew he wanted the game controller icon that meant games!

He had the option for tracing, matching, concentration, and true-or-false games on each of the learning categories. He chose a memory card game matching body parts. Enthralled and excited about making matches, he said, “It’s REALLY easy, Mom…Like so EASY.” He plays it again, but this time, it’s harder as he has more card matches to use. After the game, there’s an onscreen ribbon award that tells him he’s a GENIUS! He knows. Not much patience with round two of that game, so on to his next flight of fancy: coloring!

The Activities section gives you options of how you’d like to color: by number, free draw, print and do, or color in the browser. You have well over 100 options in each category.


When he’s coloring or writing, Slade is content. He loves to color. He finds an image he wants (a boy playing hopscotch) and can tap the paint can of color he wants before tapping the space on the image to apply it. Easy. He has a knack for art! About 15 to 20 minutes go by, and he is quietly working. Fifteen minutes is a long time to have a quiet kindergartener… That’s a parental lifetime!

Me, checking in: “How ya liking it so far, Sladey?”

Slade, not even looking up from the iPad: “I do. It’s really quiet.” No kidding! 
Suddenly, his multi-colored art piece takes a turn as he proceeds to paint the entire image black. Welp. He doesn’t have to be Andy Warhol any time soon.

Final thoughts:
“I really liked it, Mama! I got to paint Bendy!” Grrreeeaatttt.

Overall, Early Learning by World Book is a great resource that gives parents the peace of mind that their child can find education and entertainment all in one space.

10/10 Slade would recommend!

Brityni S.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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Science Snippets with Slade: Part 2, World Book
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Science Snippets with Slade: Part 2, World Book

If you’re new to the series, welcome!

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