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Rollin’ Down the River: Genealogy on the Go!

Rollin’ Down the River: Genealogy on the Go!

April 7, 2021

When my daughter was a student at Kansas State University, I had a two-hour drive to get there to visit her. I love listening to music as I travel, but it occurred to me that I could also listen to genealogy experts presenting classes on their specialized topics that were of particular interest to me at that time. So, I checked out some CDs from the Midwest Genealogy Center to listen to as I rolled down the road, including Iowa: Researching in the Hawkeye State and Mining the Treasures in Newspapers. I was enlightened with ideas of more ways to approach research in certain areas and new websites to explore.

Maybe you are already a fan of listening to audiobooks as you are traveling in your vehicle or while cooking at home. The alone time that is available to you in these situations can be a productive learning time, allowing you to bone up on in-depth genealogy topics! MGC has quite a collection of audio CDs that can all be checked out for four weeks and cover just about any genealogy topic you want to know about.

Search Mid-Continent Public Library’s online catalog for “spoken-word CD” and you will get over 1,500 results. Filter your results by topic or region to get to a CD that might pique your interest. You will need an MCPL Access Pass (Library card) to check these out. Or, you can come into MGC and browse the CDs, like you would search for a book on the shelves, to find something you would like.

Please share the favorites that you have listened to while “rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the river!” (ahem, highway) with us in the comments below!

Twila R.
Midwest Genealogy Center

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