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One Fiche, Two Fiche, Red Fiche, Blue Fiche

Published on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 07:25am
One Fiche, Two Fiche, Red Fiche, Blue Fiche

At some point in genealogy research, you feel like you’ve looked everywhere. The Midwest Genealogy Center provides access to databases such as Fold3 Library Edition, available from home with your Access Pass (Library card), Ancestry Library Edition, and thousands of books and maps. But have you looked at the materials on microform? You can browse our microform guides online to see the different types of records we have on microform. Many of our microform records can be found through our catalog, and more are being added every week. 

One unique collection to search is the Family History Library microfiches. Did you know that the Midwest Genealogy Center has around 20,000 Family History Library microfiches? These cover a variety of materials—maps, books, church records, family histories, obituaries…the list goes on. They also cover a wide range of locations and include foreign language records. While some microfiches have been digitized and are available on, most have not. 

Many resources that provides have not been digitized or indexed, meaning they will not show up when searching for an ancestor’s name. When utilizing the catalog, you might come across materials that have a unique seven-digit film/fiche number listed. Materials that have a camera icon have been digitized, while those with just a film reel icon have not. For example, film number 6001557, “Untertanenlisten des Herzogtums Pfalz-Zweibrücken aus den Huldigungsprotokollen des Jahres 1776,” which is a “List of the subjects of the duke of Pfalz-Zweibrücken, Germany, according to the oaths of allegiance of 1776. Shows place of residence. Indexed.”

While has not digitized this record, we have it at the Midwest Genealogy Center, so you could come in to view it. Film number 6002340, “Thumbnail sketches, deaths & obituaries, Warren Co., Il,” however, has been digitized and may be viewed online. Viewing these records online or at the Midwest Genealogy Center allows you to save digital copies or print pages as needed. Head over to and go fiche!

Sarah M.
Midwest Genealogy Center

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