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I Love You, Audiobooks!

Published on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 10:20am
woman audiobook

I am bonkers about audiobooks! On a scale of one to 10, I’m a busting out-of-the-seam 11. Please don’t get me wrong; I love to sit down and read—just the printed words and I, taking a magical journey together. However, I wanted to find more time to read, to fit more book discovery time in my ever-busy schedule.

So, I started picking up audiobooks. And let me ask you this: did you know audiobooks could be your personal kitchen assistant? When I’m cooking—working hard, peeling those spuds that seem to take forever—I listen to an audiobook. And before I know it, my food is cooked, and my kitchen has never looked so clean!

Audiobooks are also your car friend. You will be driving solo no more! Those journeys will never seem long enough, and traffic jams—pfffft, no problem! You’ll just listen to another chapter. I’ve even arrived at appointments early (which is unheard of for me!) just so I can listen a little bit longer.

Another option—how about listening to an audiobook while breaking a sweat on the treadmill or exercise bike? For me, no longer will the equipment sit in a corner catching dust and acting as a stand for the clean pile of laundry that I’ve been meaning to put away for the past month! An audiobook becomes your trainer: “One more chapter! You can do it!”

However, my favorite has been that I do not dread mowing the lawn anymore! I download audiobooks via OverDrive, and I’m good to go! My poor tiny dogs no longer have to fight weeds and overgrown grass in my usual yard of doom. Audiobooks are portable, personal storytellers, and I have fallen in love with them!

Want to incorporate audiobooks into your reading? Check out the selection of audiobooks at your local Mid-Continent Public Library branch, and don’t forget to check out downloadable eAudiobooks via OverDrive too!

I am currently listening to…

Audiobooks are always looking to be your helpful friend! So why not try one today?

Lisa P.
Information and Readers Services Department


I've tried audio books but some narrators are awful. I usually fine one out of every ten that I like. How do you do it? Non fiction is my favorite do you have any suggestions for true crime?

From Jack (not verified)
Wed, 06/20/2018 - 08:23pm

Fiction but Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch read by Titus Welliver. Nothing better!!

From MJ (not verified)
Sun, 09/23/2018 - 11:57am

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