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Get the Most Out of the Libby App: Part 3


October 28, 2020

Everyone loves a good book, right? It’s even better when you can carry an eBook or eAudiobook from the Library with you on your device! OverDrive’s Libby app allows

Libby - suspend hold.jpg

you to do this, and OverDrive has packed so much into the Libby app that we’re sharing tips to make using it even easier. Check out Part One for the first four tips and Part Two for tips five through nine. Now, on to tips 10 through 14!

  1. Sort and filter your searches. To sort or filter a specific list or search results, you can:
    1. Tap [number] books, [number] audiobooks, or [number] magazines at the top of a list to only show titles in that format.
    2. Tap subgenre links (like History or Cooking) at the top of a list.
    3. Tap Refine, then:
      1. Tap Format, Language, Audience, Compatibility, or Availability to add filters.
      2. Tap Sort By to choose another sort option.
      3. Tap Search Within Results and enter a term to search with.
    4. You can also set list preferences to automatically sort and filter all lists.
  2. Suspend your holds. Suspending a hold lets you move up on a title’s wait list without the title becoming available for you. If you reach #1 in line, you’ll be in the first position to get the book once your suspension ends. You may want to suspend a hold if you have too little time to read or too many books in progress. To suspend all your holds:
    1. Go to Shelf > Holds > Actions > Suspend All Holds
    2. Use the slider to choose how long you’d like to suspend your holds.
      1. Tip: When you drag the slider to the right edge, tap the underlined 180 days for more options.
    3. Tap Update Holds.
    4. To suspend a single hold:
      1. Go to Shelf > Holds
      2. Tap Manage Hold, then Suspend Hold
      3. Use the slider to choose how long you’d like to suspend your hold.
        1. Tip: When you drag the slider to the right edge, tap the underlined 180 days for more options.
      4. Tap Update Hold.
  3. Return a book early. If you finish a book early, you can return it before its due date using the steps below:
    1. Go to Shelf > Loans
    2. Tap Manage Loan
      1. If you’ve borrowed the book from multiple libraries, select the due date for the copy you’d like to return.
    3. Tap Return Early, then Return.

If you would like to see these steps in action, watch this Libby Academy video.

  1. Add multiple libraries. If you have library cards at multiple libraries, you can add each of them by tapping the Libby face icon in the top right of your screen and tapping Add A Library. Search for the library you want to add, and when you find it, select Add A Library Card to save your card information for that library.
  2. Change your language. Libby automatically uses the language your device or web browser is set to, as long as the language is supported in the app. If you’d like to use Libby in a different language than your device, tap the Libby face icon and then > Get Some Help > Choose Your Language (under “Common Solutions”).

This concludes OverDrive’s list of tips for the Libby app! To see all 14 tips together, visit OverDrive’s blog post. I tried to pick my favorite tip from the list, but I have two favorites—changing your reading settings and suspending your holds. What’s your favorite tip?

Kathy Jo A.
Electronic Resources Department

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