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Get the Most Out of the Libby App: Part 1

Published on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 12:23pm

Do you read eBooks? Do you listen to eAudiobooks? Have you tried OverDrive’s Libby app to read and listen to titles from the Library? OverDrive has identified 14 tips for getting the most out of the Libby app. Here are tips one through four:

  1. Let Libby send you notifications. Libby now uses push notifications to update you about your books. Users can choose which notifications they’d like to receive
    Libby - holds position.jpg
    from Libby by clicking Manage Notifications in the menu. Options include:
    1. When a hold becomes available
    2. When a loan is about to expire
    3. When a loan has expired

You never have to worry about missing a hold or when a digital book is about to expire again!


We really like this feature and have had lots of conversations with people about Libby’s push notifications. If you would prefer to receive emails, you can turn off push notifications for the Libby app and select the events for which you would like to receive an email.

  1. Adjust the playback speed. To change the playback speed in an audiobook, tap the odometer icon at the top of your screen. Then, choose a preset or drag the “Fine-tune” slider to set a custom speed (0.6–3x).
  2. See your audiobook progress. You can see your current position, your progress as a percentage, and the remaining time in the audiobook at the top of the player. You can also see your progress in the current chapter next to the “Chapters” button (or chapter name). The time elapsed is on the left, and the time remaining is on the right. If you tap the jacket cover, it will show you an estimate of when you’ll finish the title based on your current pace.
  3. See your place in line for a hold. After you place a hold, go to Shelf > Holds, and tap the calendar icon to see your place in line. You’ll also see your approximate wait time, the number of copies in use, and the number of people waiting.

Stay tuned for the remaining tips. We know what it is like when a book leaves you hanging in suspense, and we don’t want to do that to you. If you can’t wait to see all 14 tips, visit OverDrive’s blog post for the whole list. We would love for you to share your favorite Libby feature in the comments.

Kathy Jo A.
Electronic Resources Department

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