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Coming Back Home!

Published on Fri, 11/23/2018 - 04:27pm
Rendering of the new Antioch Branch

The past few months have been very interesting for MCPL staff members like myself whose branches have been closed for renovations. I’m sure it was interesting for customers at these branches as well! Perhaps you ended up visiting a branch that you had never been to before and got to know other MCPL staff members. We employees at the closed branches also got to experience what life is like for our fellow coworkers at other MCPL locations.

I thought I would share my experience during my summer away from my branch. I believe MCPL has the best staff in the world! Of course, I already knew that from my coworkers at the Antioch Branch. But getting to know the people at other branches and seeing the amazing work they are doing just confirmed how wonderful the staff at MCPL are throughout the system. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and made sure we felt like a part of their own branch family. We hope that our customers had a similar experience!

However, as exciting as it was to try something new, it is always nice to go back home. That is what many of us are doing now that our buildings are all shiny and new. Over the past few weeks, the staff at the Antioch Branch have been getting ready to throw open our doors and welcome back all of our customers. And what great things will await them as they come through the doors! The look may be a little different, but the branch still feels the same. When customers return to the Antioch Branch they will find: 

  • New automatic doors!
  • A brand new meeting space at the front of the library, so there will be no more trekking all the way to the back for many of our programs.
  • A gorgeous new seating area in the front; just grab a magazine, sit in the warm sun, and read.
  • Three new collaboration rooms, which anyone can reserve, for a quiet space to study or hold a small meeting.
  • A refreshed storytime room and new children’s area with a family bathroom attached.
  • New, comfortable furniture in vibrant colors.
  • A new space just for teens.
  • And a newly designed parking lot and book drop, which means no more having to get out of your car to drop off a book! Just pull up, roll down the window, and plop it in.

And this is just the beginning! There is so much more to explore, and the staff of the Antioch Branch will be there to show you all of it. We can’t wait to start giving tours. While we know it has been a bit difficult for everyone during this time, the wait has definitely been worth it! So to all the Antioch Branch regulars―welcome back! And for those who have never visited us before, stop by and check out our new digs!

We’ll see you all soon! 

Pamela M.
Antioch Branch

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