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Change Is Hard. Progress Is Good!

Published on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:44pm

Change is hard. It just is! Whether you’re the type that needs months to prepare or someone who tends to roll with the punches, we all struggle and get frustrated when our routines are thrown off.

I, myself, am a prime example of someone who dislikes change. It takes me months after moving to a new house to feel like I finally have my daily rhythm down, and I run from iPhone software updates like they’re the plague! In fact, just recently, the Snapchat app updated its layout, and my boyfriend could hear my growls of frustration from the other room.

My griping aside, change can be good! For example, as much as I struggled with my iPhone when I first bought it, I now love its setup and can’t imagine trying to navigate my life without all its helpful features. So, as much as I dread the process of readjustment, I always remind myself that change often means progress; and progress is good.

As you’ve likely noticed, Mid-Continent Public Library just went through a big change of its own, and I know there will be growing pains for everyone. Today, the Library rolled out a brand new website, which has been upgraded to provide users with a mobile-friendly layout and enhanced search capabilities. And even though it works well on mobile, if you have a desktop computer or laptop, the new format should be attractive and functional for you too. The homepage still has direct links to the catalog, WorldCat, and other popular resources, and in addition, searches are now easier to perform and will garner results from both the website and catalog.

There is even a new “One Step for One Login” feature that essentially allows you to enter your account information (Library card number) one time and then remain logged in as you navigate between various online resources. As someone who uses Library databases regularly (OverDrive Video, Freegal Music, PressReader, and more), I’m extremely excited about this convenient new feature!

If you need a little extra help finding your way around—don’t worry! MCPL will have classes at its branches to show you the ins and outs. Personally, I’ll be signing up for at least one of these if not more!

So, if you hit a roadblock while exploring the new website, don’t panic! Call, email, or drop by your local MCPL branch for help. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible, and we hope that you will love the new website as much as we do!

Emily B.
Marketing & Communications



I REALLY appreciate not having to log in again when using the electronic resources. Thank you for continually working to make the website more powerful and user-friendly.

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