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Brain Games!

Published on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 08:23am
Brain Games!

A few years ago, my family accidentally found an intriguing TV series called Brain Games. Ironically, our challenge was that we could never quite remember which channel it was on or what time we could find it, so we only watched it sporadically. Imagine my surprise and delight to find that many of the episodes were available on Access Video on Demand, one of the many online resources you can find on the Library’s website and access for free with your Library card.

Brain Games, an Emmy-nominated TV series produced by National Geographic, is rated as high school- and adult-level learning. Each episode is about 30 minutes in length. Watch these shows one at a time, or get your popcorn ready and plan a marathon! Through a series of experiments, illusions, interviews, and games, you will find out more about who you are and how your brain works.

Here are some of the episodes of Brain Games you can watch through Access Video on Demand:

Brain Games (Season 1)

  • “Pay Attention”
  • “Watch This”
  • “Remember This”

Brain Games (Season 2)

  • “You Decide”
  • “Don’t Be Afraid”
  • “Dumb It Up”
  • “Focus Pocus”
  • “Battle of the Sexes”
  • “Illusion Confusion”
  • “It’s About Time”
  • “Liar, Liar”
  • “Motion Commotion”
  • “Seeing Is Believing”
  • “Use It or Lose It”
  • “Persuasion”

Brain Games (Season 3)

  • “Battle of the Ages”
  • “In Living Color”
  • “What’s Going On?”
  • “Trust Me”
  • “Laws of Attraction”
  • “Stress Test”
  • “In It to Win It”
  • “Retrain Your Brain”
  • “Mind Your Body”
  • “Follow the Leader”

Brain Games (Season 5)

  • “Common Sense”
  • “Left vs. Right”
  • “Morality”
  • “Money”
  • “Paranormal”
  • “Memory”
  • “Misconceptions”
  • “Peer Pressure”
  • “Logic”
  • “Faces”

Brain Games (Season 6)

  • “Positive Thinking”
  • “Scams”
  • “Sleep”
  • “Perspective”
  • “Animal vs. Man”
  • “Imagination”

Terri M.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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