Alexander Doniphan Community History Project

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Alexander Doniphan Community History Project

Alexander Doniphan Community History Project

History encourages people to explore, to preserve, and to share the stories and influence of people and events that define the community historically and presently. This is the purpose of the Alexander Doniphan Community History Project. If successful, this pilot project will serve as a model for a way for people to celebrate and commemorate Missouri’s bicentennial driven by community-sourced submissions.


The goal of the project is to collect papers to create an anthology that chronicles the life, times, and influence of Alexander William Doniphan (1808-1887). Submissions will be included in one of three following categories.

  1. Traditional histories of important aspects of Doniphan’s life.
  2. Social history that depicts life in the time of Alexander Doniphan.
  3. Essays that illustrate Doniphan’s influence today or how his influence has lasting significance for today’s Missourians.

The final project will consist of at least ten (10) submissions and will be published by Woodneath Press. Copyright will be filled with the Library of Congress.

Submissions are expected to be original writing and research. Duplicate treatments on the same subject will be allowed in the anthology, and multiple submissions on different topics will be allowed. However, the project’s editorial board may choose to encourage researchers/authors to refine subject matter.


  • Contributors of any age are welcome to participate. Participants will be uncompensated and unpaid; no commission will be paid for submissions.
  • Participants should make their intention to participate known to the editorial board via email.
  • Submissions should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words. Word count may exclude notes, bibliography, and captions.
  • All works are expected to be faithfully cited and footnotes are required. Citations should credit direct quotations as well as ideas gleaned from sources.
  • Follow the Chicago Style Manual for Students and Researchers (Turabian) (excepting original poetry, art, or songs). If unfamiliar with this style, find out more at:
  • All submissions will be formatted in MS Word and will be submitted using an online system.
  • Mid-Continent Public Library will create an environment through Submittable to receive the final submissions at a date to be determined.
  • Authors submitting work that is accepted for the anthology will be expected agree to a release of rights when uploading the work to the online submission site.
  • The Alexander Doniphan Committee (Foundation) will be responsible for entering into a publishing agreement with Woodneath Press.
  • Authors are responsible for securing all rights and permissions for publication of their work in the anthology.
  • The editorial board will have final say on inclusion of submissions and can choose to amend guidelines for specific submission if warranted.
  • Although not limited to any specific geography, preference will be given to authors and researchers from the Mid-Continent Public Library and adjoining counties, especially Ray County, MO.
  • Contributors included in a printed anthology will be given two physical copies of the final work.

Editorial Board

  • Content Editors, Jeremiah Morgan, Chris Sizemore, and Steven Potter (
  • Publication Editors: Woodneath Press

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