The Story After Allegiant

I was sitting in my living quarters thinking about how I have no family anymore when there was a knock at my door. I opened my door to see Tobias leaning against the door frame. I then remembered this was the day me and Tobias go and visit my families’ old house. When I walked in I remembered all the memories of us playing candor. Tobias and I finally suck it up and go into her room. Tobias can’t even open the door before crying. I walk in by myself and see a letter taped to her closet door “what does it say” Tobias calls from the door way. It seems he feels comfortable leaning against door frames. I read the note ‘if you’re reading this then you’re probably Beatrice or Caleb, and you have survived the attack. I want you to go into my room and open the top draw of my side table, in the back of the drawer is a black notebook. I want you to read it. – Natalie Prior’

I walk into my moms’ room, we were digging through the drawer when I hear a noise downstairs. I look at Tobias “I thought you said no one was looking at the house today.” I whisper, “I didn’t think anyone was” He answers. We sneak downstairs with the notebook and run out the door. “What’s wrong with you?” he says with that smirk on his face, “we could have gotten caught” I reply. “Well I see who’s not dauntless” Tobias says sarcastically, “It’s okay, I’ll be your family now.” He says quickly after. I see him start tearing up again. “Lets go” Tobias says trying to hold back is tears. We start walking to my house but I keep reading. I read just quite enough that Tobias can’t hear me. It talks about there life after me and Beatrice left, I kept reading until I saw this ‘…….I am about to have your little sister.’ I felt my mouth drop all the way to the ground, Tobias started asking so many questions and I was wondering many myself.

I told him the news before I kept reading but this time out loud. “Her name will be Anna, and we will send her outside the city to live with my good friend George Wu.” I read from the journal, “well I want to meet her” Tobias says. “I will ask Zeke to talk to George for me.” I read the last entry when I’m lying in bed after Tobias leaves. All it talks about is when Anna was born and sending her outside the city, right before I fall asleep I saw in there that dad didn’t know that George lived outside the city only that she was staying with someone that wouldn’t be affected by the attack. I woke up in the middle of the night because of my nightmare about Beatrice, the usual.

Tobias, Christina, and I walked into the old dauntless building, which is now the police station, to come and see George and Anna. We couldn’t find him at first but when we did they were standing side by side in front of the shooting range. She stood just like Beatrice usually did, I walked up to her slowly not wanting to scare her, as I got closer I realized how much she looks like Beatrice. Just with no Tattoos and longer hair. I try to talk to her but I just can’t figure out what to say. Christina and Tobias save me by coming over and talking to her. “So what you mean is that is my brother?” Anna says while pointing at me. “Yes” I reply “Then is she my sister?” she asks while looking at Christina. ”no, your sister is ….. is …..” Tobias says getting chocked up. “Is what?” Anna asks in a curious tone. “DEAD” Christina answers for Tobias. The words made me shudder, “Mom or dad?” she wonders. “Nope same thing with them.” I tell her trying not to ball. “Who are they then?” she says while pointing to Tobias and Christina “This is Tobias, your sister Beatrice’s boyfriend and this is her best friend Christina!” I explain to her

We all walk around the city together explaining everything to Anna, while she told us about her life outside the city. Tobias Pulled me to the side with tears in his eyes. “That girl, Anna was at the compound outside the city” he said “Yeah, so what that’s where she lived?” I asked him “Yeah well me and Tris past her when we first got there.” He explained to me, we found the girls who were still talking about factions and when Tris and her met in initiation. We kept waking when I saw a guy standing next to the old sculpture by the erudite compound, he started following us. When I tried to warn Tobias I fell to the floor instead of yelling his name. He came and grabbed me and started running. Everything around me starts to blur, the world around me goes black.

My eyes flutter open, I see Tobias and Christina sitting in chairs next to the bed I’m lying in. “I just had the craziest dream ever, I had another sister. Then there was an attack and I got shot in the leg.” I tell them, “That wasn’t a dream. You’re in a hospital right now with sixteen stitches in your left leg, and your sister Anna is right there” Tobias said. Anna waves and smiles at me right before the doctor comes in, and they leave the room. When I wake up the next time everyone is in my room again and there’s a nurse with a wheelchair next to my bed. I get into the wheelchair and Christina pushes me out of the room into a long hallway that reminds me of when I worked for Jeanine. This is the hallway I pushed my sister down for her to go to her execution.

Riley G.
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