Divergent Lock-In

Teens at the Parkville Branch searching for another faction’s flag during an intense game of capture the flag. The Library isn't just a place for reading after all.

Creation Stations

Learn the computer skills you need to create new worlds!

Digital Learning Day

Explore your creative side and develop new skills during this after-hours event that offers many opportunities to experiment with technologies that are both artsy and educational.

Science City: Green Engineering

Learn to create structures that support people and the environment!

Teen Blogs

The Book is Always Better Than the Movie

You hear your favorite book is being made into a movie. Excited, you anxiously mark the date on your calendar months in advance. You keep a countdown on your phone. Each morning, you yell out the number of days left to your best friend as you pass them in the hallway, and each day when you get home, you obsessively stalk the actors’ Instagram.

A Lesson in Time Management

As you get more involved in life, the time comes when the commitments you make can become overwhelming. Suddenly, you find yourself overbooked and lost on what to do. There are a few simple tasks you can do to not only maintain your sanity, but set aside time to yourself.

How to Survive and Succeed at a Job Interview

Interviews are scary. Let’s just put that out there, especially for teens; they’re terrifying. But I am here to teach you how to not only survive the anxiety, but also succeed, and maybe even get the job you were interviewing for. This is assuming you have already filled out an application and had it accepted.

This is advice for the next step, the interview. The first thing you need to do is prepare, prepare, then prepare some more. You can never be too prepared. Start preparing about a week or, at least, several days before hand.

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