Summer Reading Program

Get ready to get reading!

Teen Screen: Superhero Summer

Join us to watch the heroes of the big screen!

Teens at the Library

It’s your time to hang at the Library. Discover what we’ve planned just for you.

Teen Chalk Challenge

Join one of our "hero" sidewalk art contests and design your chalk hero!

Teen Blogs

The Final Frontier

“Space, the final frontier”-- a locale that has been dreamt about for thousands of years. Humans have long wondered what is out in the cold darkness of space as they stared up at the stars in wonder.

Mango and Other Language-Learning Services

The world today seems to be much larger than it was fifty years ago. Globalization has led to increased technology use and easier communication between places that never would have connected once upon a time. People are flying all over the world. The importance of language is more evident today than at any other period of time. This is why it may seem shocking to some that only 18 percent of Americans report being able to speak a second language.

College Applications: What Helps You Stand Out

College is daunting, sometimes seemingly scary, especially since no one really tends to help in high school. Teachers try to help focus you on what is similar in their class and what you’ll face in college (especially in those frustrating and difficult AP classes), but one thing that tends to get left out is the way to actually get into college: the application process. This is a completely new concept to many eager juniors and stressed seniors.

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