Divergent Lock-In

Teens at the Parkville Branch searching for another faction’s flag during an intense game of capture the flag. The Library isn't just a place for reading after all.

Cool Careers Day

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Interviewing Savvy for Teens

Learn how to get the job you want!

Kids Create: Rainbow Loom

Join us to spark your imagination and express yourself through art and craft activities.

Teen Blogs

Avengers Reassemble

Tips to the Aspiring Young Writers: How to Write and Finish an Entire Story

Writing is sometimes very therapeutic. Other times, it’s an escape or just a hobby that you love to do on the weekends. Whatever your decision about it, writing can be made into something that is beautiful. A lot of that comes with practice and having solid ideas. Regardless, the thing that is needed is the completed story. There are many different ways to make sure this gets done. Now everyone has to be willing to enforce it, too. This may require you to ask your parents or a friend to encourage you.

Emotional Readers

For those of us who can’t stand it when the author kills our favorite character, or the wrong people end up together in the love triangle (at least in our perfect world).

PS: Spoilers are included to get my point across. Read at your own risk. Thank you!

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