Divergent Lock-In

Teens at the Parkville Branch searching for another faction’s flag during an intense game of capture the flag. The Library isn't just a place for reading after all.

Teen Lock-In: Zany, Crazy Water Games and More!

Join us for a water war, watermelon spitting contest, good eats, and great fun!

Teen Screen

This is your ticket to the big show! Join fellow movie lovers for some red carpet flicks!

Teens Create: Duct Tape Wallets

Here is your chance to be creative! Bring a roll of duct tape and make a cool wallet.

Teen Blogs

Teen Chalk Challenge

Are you having an awesome summer? I hope the answer is, yes! This summer at Mid-Continent Public Library, we launched our first Teen Chalk Challenge Beginning the 3rd week in May and running through the end of June, teens across Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties create chalk pieces that reflected “Hero." We had 24 branches participate in hosting events.

Ant Man


Finding the right dog for you and your family can be a challenge. There are questions you need to think about and consider before you go out and try to find a dog. Some of those questions may be:

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