Marshmallow Shooters

Teens at the Antioch Branch created marshmallow shooters and decorated them with sharpies and duct tape. The library isn't just a place for reading after all.

Teen Anime

Do you like Naruto, Lupin the III, Case Closed, or even Pokemon? Join us for anime movie night.

Teen at the Library

Not kids. Not adults. Visit the Library at a time just for teens.

Interviewing Savvy for Teens

Find out what you need to know to get a job.

Teen Blogs

Teen Tech Week: An Interview With Shocking Arts Productions

We've got film stars, right here in Independence! We had so much fun making a video last year, we decided to do it again. This time around, I had the pleasure of working with Shocking Arts Productions (a group of Truman High student film makers) who offered to do practically all the work for me! I said: "Where have you been all my life?!" I also was really curious about how they got started. 

Cover It Up Contest Winners

Oscar Wilde once said, “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.” I couldn’t agree more. Over the month of January and into mid-February Mid-Continent Public Library hosted an art contest for teens focusing on creating original book covers. We had an incredible amount of entries for our first go round. 

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Mirabelle has grown up in what feels like a box. A loving, beautiful box...but a box nonetheless. Her godmothers are so over protective, they won't even let her visit her parents' graves! She can't shave with a razor, or use scissors, or drive a car, or or or... So, for her 16th birthday, she's got a plan. She's going on an adventure, and this time, no one is going to tell her she can't. By the time they figure out where she is, it will be too late to stop her. (Note: Do not try this at home, kids!)

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