Divergent Lock-In

Teens at the Parkville Branch searching for another faction’s flag during an intense game of capture the flag. The Library isn't just a place for reading after all.

Teen Cinema: City of Ember

This is your ticket to the big show! Join fellow movie lovers for some red carpet flicks!

Teens at the Library

Not kids. Not adults. Visit the Library at a time just for teens. Make crafts, watch movies, play games, and more.

Teen Anime

Do you like Naruto, Lupin the III, Case Closed, or even Pokemon? Join us for anime movie night.

Teen Blogs

The Summer of You

Oscar Wilde said, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” I couldn’t agree more. This summer has been really busy here at Mid-Continent Public Library. We launched two contests: Cover It Up and Divergent FanFiction. Both contests went incredibly well. We had a total of 110 entries between both contests. 

College Comparisons and AP Scores

Any AP veteran knows that College Board runs the AP test business. Come the first two weeks of May, every AP kid is scrambling, trying to memorize everything that they can before they sit down for the test that decides if they get credit or not. Everything comes down to wanting that 5, right? Well, what if you aren’t sure where to go to college yet? Or, if you got a 3 and don’t know if your college will still accept it?

A Review for Anime Movie Night by an Anime Watcher

Anime Movie Night is a great place to go if you’re into anime or manga. How it works is, you go in around 6:30 p.m. at the Parkville Branch (but we only have them on the second Tuesday of every month!), you pick a seat, and you can watch the anime we are playing that round. But we can’t forget all of the awesome people you will meet there that will love this kind of atmosphere just as much as you! You may even make some new friends!

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