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Organizing a Homeschool

Traditionally, January is characterized by subtle hints from our culture that we need to organize and get back in shape. Here are some of my favorite tricks to organize the chaos of homeschool supplies…all borrowed from my friends who have their act together! 

A Homeschool Halftime Pep Talk

As we approach the middle of the traditional academic school year, let’s take a moment and review some important concepts about learning. Make time to pause and reflect on your homeschool endeavors so far, and take a winter break to recuperate and prepare for the next semester. 

Sensible Seasons

I was researching some information for science class on and came across their list of American holidays and national observances. It was interesting to note that there are 200 national, state, or religious observances each year. Between Halloween and New Year’s Day alone, Americans celebrate 16 holidays. Sports fans would add a few more to the list. Our family has five birthdays to fit into the month of December, too! Yikes! Is anyone else out there feeling like their treadmill is starting to speed up?!  

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