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Slump Busters

The time has arrived. It comes every year pretty much like clockwork. You know, that slump between the excitement of a new school year and the much needed and anticipated holiday break. In our homeschool, it starts after Halloween, and it affects mom and child equally. Can you relate? When this slump arrives, we have a “throw it all out the window day,” and our typical day takes a backseat to games. Over the years, I have come across some great and educational games (to me, educational =  hours!) and wanted to share some of our favorites.

Beyond the Refrigerator

Conundrum: How do I teach art to a multi-aged class…especially if I am not artistically inclined myself? Is there a creative way to display art instead of the traditional refrigerator door?

Solution: Make an art wall collage!

My professional artist friend shared with me the fun idea of making an art collage as a wall display.  

First Things First

To modify a phrase by the acclaimed Russian author, Leo Tolstoy: All happy families are alike; each homeschooling family is homeschooling in its own way. It’s true, right? No two homeschools are exactly alike. Some families thrive with routines and structure; other families are free-spirited and casual. Regardless of how one arranges the day, each homeschooling family should be alike in this: all of us must follow Missouri home education statutes.  

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