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7 Tips for Homeschooling... The Final Installment

I wanted to share with new homeschool parents a couple of "insider" tips to consider as you prepare for your homeschool endeavors this fall. The last two weeks, I shared ideas to help you manage your school schedule and juggle your "to do" list. I had two final concepts to pass along...

6.) Carschooling!

Back-to-School Basics for the Rookie Homeschool Teacher: 7 Tips Continued

Last week, I discussed scheduling your school day and setting your academic pace through your curriculum. This week I want to share tips to help you manage all your responsibilities as a parent and teacher.

3.) Avoid Interruptions

Back-to-School Basics for the Rookie Homeschool Teacher: 7 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homeschooling

I remember feeling excited and yet overwhelmed when I began this educational journey. After reading all the Missouri laws and regulations on homeschooling, I wasn’t sure how to practically implement them. Do you have your copy of First Things First: A Guide for the Missouri Home Educator from Families for Home Education (FHE)?

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