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Spelling Secrets for Success

On a regular basis, I discuss with my students why it is so difficult to learn how to spell our language correctly. Read this article with your children entitled “Enuf or Enough? Why Is English Spelling So Random?” (May 2014 article from I have personally struggled with spelling my entire academic career...elementary school through graduate school. That is why I am so very thankful to live in the age of automatic spell check as an adult! I still associate spelling with frustration, anxiety, and tears.

100 Days of Home's Cool!

Looking for a fun way to beat the winter blahs? Consider celebrating 100 Days of School! This year our family decided to generate 100 ways to celebrate this educational milestone. Full disclosure: it actually took three days to accomplish this task, but it turned out to be the perfect activity to infuse our school days with whimsy and fun in the middle of the school year.

Organizing a Homeschool

Traditionally, January is characterized by subtle hints from our culture that we need to organize and get back in shape. Here are some of my favorite tricks to organize the chaos of homeschool supplies…all borrowed from my friends who have their act together! 

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