Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Creating Genealogy Heritage Albums

Heritage albums are a great way to preserve family history. We’ll work together to compile and organize our family heirlooms, pictures, family stories, and family trees in heritage album formats.

Civil War Santa

Join storyteller Jim "Two Crows" Wallen dressed as Nast's Santa as he shares the history of Santa, holiday tales from North and South, and how the Civil War reshaped Christmas in America.

Indexing Night at MGC

Spend the evening indexing with friends and family! What is indexing? Indexing is gathering information from records in books and newspapers and putting the information into a database to make it electronically searchable.

Genealogy Blogs

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Files

New on the Midwest Genealogy Center’s microfilm shelves - Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency: Criminal Case Files. Pinkerton’s was in existence for almost 150 years, from 1857-1999. During that time, their private investigators pursued some of the nation’s most notorious criminals. The case files contain correspondence, reports from operatives, mug shots, reward notices, and wanted posters.

Garment Museum Display at MGC

Did you know that there is a Garment District Museum in Kansas City?  Did you even know that we had a "garment district" at one time? 

Caught Between Three Fires

Author Tom A. Rafiner will be at the Midwest Genealogy Center on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. to present his new book, Caught Between Three Fires: Cass County, MO., Chaos, & Order No. 11, 1860–1865.

This Thanksgiving, Don't Just Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with family. When you are sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table, do you talk about sports?  Maybe you argue about politics?  Or, do you talk about family – about those who are no longer with us? Holiday times are a great time to ask the older generation questions about family. That’s also a time when more questions come up.  "Why did great grandpa go to California to live?  "What was grandma’s maiden name?"  "Where did my red hair come from?"  "What nationality are we?"  Sometimes other family me

Start At the Midwest Genealogy Center!

A great article by James Fussell in the Kansas City Star today covers professional genealogist Kathleen Brandt and her top resource - the Midwest Genealogy Center. She says there is no substitute for the library.

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