Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Winding the Clock: Independence Square and the Truman Jackson County Courthouse

Join historian and preservationist David Jackson for a virtual tour of the courthouse and historic square to learn more about the site’s unique role in local and American history.

Hang on Harry: The 1940 Election and Harry Truman’s Remarkable Victory

Join author and filmmaker Terence O’Malley as he uses clips from his documentary to tell how Harry Truman squeaked out a victory after running his first Senate race without the financial backing of political boss Tom Pendergast.

Indexing Night at MGC

Spend the evening indexing with friends and family! What is indexing? Indexing is gathering information from records in books and newspapers and putting the information into a database to make it electronically searchable.

Genealogy Blogs

Great Missouri Treasure Hunt

The Missouri State Archives is sponsoring a statewide contest called Great Missouri Treasure Hunt. It is an opportunity for Missourians to share what they have found in doing historical research. There are three categories: Family History, Civil War History, and Missouri History. Participants may submit photographs, stories, and videos.

Independence Day

American Flag

The Midwest Genealogy Center, as well as the entire Mid-Continent Public Library system, will be closed Sunday and Monday, July 3-4, 2011 in honor of Independence Day. You can keep working on your genealogy, though, as you spend time with your family. Have a very safe and enjoyable weekend!

Cheryl L.
Midwest Genealogy Center

Once Lost, Now Found

The Midwest Genealogy Center receives donations of many kinds, including school yearbooks. In fact, the only way the yearbook collection grows is through donations. Some time ago, we received a donation of a copy of a 1937 edition of Central High School’s Centralian. In the inside cover, there were two pictures. The first picture is of a bride and groom, and the second picture is of a small child.

American Red Cross Blood Drive

The Midwest Genealogy Center is sponsoring a blood drive with the American Red Cross on Friday, June 17 at 10 a.m. The blood drive will run for four hours.  We invite members of the community to consider donating blood and supporting this lifesaving initiative to help ensure reliable blood inventories in their area and beyond. . Please make an appointment to donate blood by signing up online at: www.redcrossblood.org and search by location OR by calling the Midwest Genealogy Center at 816-252-7228.

Road Trip to the Midwest Genealogy Center

One of our regular patrons called to let us know that she had been on a genealogy road trip to the western part of Ohio. While there, someone showed her a book with "an impossibly long title" that was very useful, and she was able to obtain much information from it. She said she really wanted to copy all 400+ pages! When she got home, she looked at our catalog and was astonished to find that we have that book in our holdings. She was very happy to know she could come here to the Midwest Genealogy Center and look at the book at any time; she won't have to travel back to O

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