Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Germans From Russia: History and Research

Join genealogist Mike Meisinger for a two-part examination of the Russian-Germans. The first session examines German migration to Russia's Volga region. The second explores techniques to research Russian-German genealogy.

Newspaper Databases at Mid-Continent Public Library

Newspaper databases can be used to find genealogical information such as birth, marriage and death records, obituaries, probate cases, and interesting information about your ancestors’ lives. Learn about the different online newspaper databases accessible through MCPL.

Out of the Old: Creating Stories from Your Ethnic and Cultural Heritage

Join master storyteller Adam Booth in an exploration of the universal elements and archetypes of folklore then exercise your creativity by creating a story. Storytellers of all experience levels are welcome.

Genealogy Blogs

Young People and Old America

The Roots of a Nation exhibit at the Midwest Genealogy Center is a fun way to introduce young people to the Revolutionary War era. This exhibit contains authentic artifacts from the 1790s, many of which belonged to George and Martha Washington.

The artifacts seem to fascinate the under-12-years-old crowd. The boys of Blue Springs Cub Pack 813 enjoyed talking to re-enactor James Scott on their visit. The Roots of a Nation exhibit continues through 21 August 2011. Groups are encouraged to call ahead.

Researching American Indian Blood Lines

The Midwest Genealogy Center has many resources for researching your American Indian ancestors. For instance, Cecelia Svinth Carpenter describes in her book, How to Research American Indian Blood Lines, where Native American information can be found, including libraries, courts, the National Archives, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

War of 1812 Pension Applications

The War of 1812 (1812-1815) will celebrate its bicentennial beginning next year. This war has often been called the "forgotten war." It was a conflict between the United States and the British Empire, including Canada. There were a number of reasons for the United States to declare war. One of those reasons was the impressment of American merchant seamen into the Royal Navy, and another reason was the desire of the U.S. to expand into the Northwest Territory.

Digital Jackson County and Kansas City Plat Books, 1886-1925

A library’s collection is usually considered to be the books in the library, and patrons have to visit the library to see that collection. In this 21st century, however, the library is now able to share the resources we have in our branches digitally through the Internet.

Review: Books, Pies and Spelling Bees

Following the introduction written by a former student, Virginia Snyder fills this little book, Books, Pies and Spelling Bees, with warm memories of her attendance in "one-room schools, and also memories of the years she taught school.

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