Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Creating Genealogy Heritage Albums

Heritage albums are a great way to preserve family history. We’ll work together to compile and organize our family heirlooms, pictures, family stories, and family trees in heritage album formats.

Civil War Santa

Join storyteller Jim "Two Crows" Wallen dressed as Nast's Santa as he shares the history of Santa, holiday tales from North and South, and how the Civil War reshaped Christmas in America.

Indexing Night at MGC

Spend the evening indexing with friends and family! What is indexing? Indexing is gathering information from records in books and newspapers and putting the information into a database to make it electronically searchable.

Genealogy Blogs

Genealogy is for Everyone! Join Us for Global Family Reunion!

Would you like your kids to experience the wonderful world of genealogy? We have the perfect family event for you! Join us to participate in a Global Family Reunion! Celebrate connections all across the globe with this day-long party for all ages. Bring your kids, teens, and older relatives and have fun exploring your family’s genealogy with many different activities throughout the day.

PASSION on the Home Front

PASSION. This is an unspoken byword for all Midwest Genealogy Center staff in regards to the subject of genealogy. It glows from within and touches the researchers who come into our amazing building. Each staff member has “been there” in their personal research and by guiding customers to different research opportunities. Ask any staff member the same question, and each one may give a different answer. This speaks to the diversity of skills that have been developed by MGC staff.

Bob’s Your Uncle…annnnddd my Grandpa?

You ever heard the song “I’m My Own Grandpa”? Written by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe, it lyrically follows a man who, through an unfortunate set of marriages, becomes his own grandpa. It goes something like a man marries a widow with an adult daughter. The man’s dad marries the daughter making his own step-daughter his step-mother. Both marriages result in children who end up being somebody’s uncle and a grandchild. And then that somehow makes the man’s wife his grandmother, thereby making him his own grandpa.

Taxes? Yes Please!

As another April 15th rolls around, taxes are on all our minds. But have you ever thought about the good that can come from taxes? For genealogists, taxes can be a gold mine of information. 

Have you encountered brick walls where your ancestor seems to disappear between censuses? Or maybe you know your ancestor owned land but can’t find a deed. Taxes to the rescue! 

Ready Reference and Resource Guides

Ready reference and resource guides are like cliff notes or wikis on specific research subjects. The Midwest Genealogy Center has several ways for you to access these types of materials. At MGC, the ready reference section is upstairs near the staff desk. There are sixteen handy guides on various subjects such as African American genealogy research, Immigration research, and Italian genealogy research.

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