Reading Suggestions

MCPL offers reading suggestions through two options — email newsletters by subject or searches for titles similar to books you like.


BookPsychic gives you high-quality recommendations drawn from your own library's collections. As you rate more items on BookPsychic, you'll see more and better personalized recommendations for books, audiobooks, eBooks, DVDs and more that you can get from your library now. The more you rate, the better your recommendations will get, so what are you waiting for?


Reading Suggestions by Email

Read Books in Your Email  

BookLetters newsletters
consist of seven to ten titles,
and have convenient links to our Online Catalog.

Online Book Clubs will send a
five-minute read every day, so at
the end of the week you will have read several chapters of the book.



Read Alikes

A Read Alike resource will provide you with titles and/or authors that are similar to ones that you like.

NoveList Plus NoveList Plus offers exclusively fiction titles and is available on Android and iOS.

Books in Print

Books In Print help users find read-alike titles in fiction or nonfiction.

Books & Authors includes both fiction and nonfiction titles.
Books & Authors is available on Android and iOS.
Books & Authors
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