You Can Write a Book Review

January 18, 2013

Did you know you can write a book review or read someone else's book reviews in our catalog?
The MCPL catalog allows you to search by author, title, or subject and write a book review or read other reader's reviews. Right under the book picture, there is an link to write a review. You can either register your name and write the review or write it anonymously. You can write as little or as much as you want. It is a good way to let others know whether you enjoyed the book and a chance to post your thoughts about what you just read.
You can also read the reviews that others have written. In the same place under the picture of the book, you will find the star rating and the reviews that have  been posted. This is a good way to discover what other readers thought of a book before you read it.
Many books that people read are recommended by friends or family. Word of mouth is an easy way to give a book review. But if you like to write, you can also write your review so others can know if you are "thumbs up" or" thumbs down" for a book.
Wanda B.
Raytown Branch


Inside Out

Zach is a schizophrenic teenager waiting for his mother in coffee shop when all of sudden two teenage brothers, hold it up and keep him as a hostage. Zach has no idea he's in any danger, and is just trying keep dirtbag and ratt, the voices in his head, to stay quiet.

One of a kind

After performing too many encores as Hannah montana at a concert, she lost her voice. She is scheduled go on live tv in a week and she is not allowed to sing to rest her vocal cords until the big performance.

Confectionately youts taking the cake

I like this book. Its about a girl name Hayley and her life was turned around by her dads new girlfriend and her crush has a new friend and it is Artie. Hayley is really good at cooking and making recipes. She has a little sister name chloe

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