Winter Meals Made Easy

November 10, 2010

I love my crock pot! Although I am a (mostly) modern woman with a full-time job, my family still depends on me to provide meals every evening. And, I do enjoy cooking. I take pride in providing nutritious meals for my loved ones, and I have even been told that I am a very good cook. 

Having said that, it must be said that in the winter, at the end of the work day, after trekking through snow, and holiday shoppers, no one feels like making cheese and crackers, never mind a whole meal!

At the end of those winter days, the crock pot is my savior! It is wonderful to walk through the front door and smell dinner. And, the best thing about slow cooking is that there is very little actual cooking involved. You just add ingredients, turn your appliance on, and when you get home, your little pot-bellied chef has been hard at work simmering your dinner all day.

You may wonder what slow cookers have to do with libraries, other than making my life easier. Well, wonder no longer! Your local MCPL branch is a wonderful resource for recipes and cookbooks of all types. There are many great slow-cooker cookbooks.  The library also subscribes to several cooking magazines, as well as other periodicals that contain cooking tips and menus. And, if you can’t find just what you want, you can use one of the library’s public computers to look up recipes online.

So, next time you’re planning your meals for the week, run by MCPL, pick up a couple of slow-cooker cookbooks, and you too can employ the services of a short, pudgy cook to have dinner ready when you get home.
--Tobi K.
Antioch Branch

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