Who Wants to Hear a Story?

June 21, 2010

Unless you are a young child or the parent of young child, you probably haven’t heard of Miss Bobbi, Miss Jolene, or Miss Sarah. At the Blue Springs North branch, these women lead story time. They are the readers that do all the voices, the wigglers extraordinaire (yes, that’s dancing folks), and the givers of hugs.  Miss Bobbi is the senior member of othe crew with Miss Jolene and the newest member Miss Sarah. With years of experience having children, babysitting, and reading behind them, we create a world full of words, images, music, and fun. Sometimes, it is hard to tell whose smiling more the kids or the ladies. These wonderful women have story time at the Blue Springs North branch every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM. Please come and make sure you are ready for an experience you will never forget

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