Who Do You Think You Are? -- The Book

September 09, 2010

You may have watched this TV series earlier this year, where a celebrity goes place to place to trace their family ancestry with help from genealogical experts. Did you know that there is a book by the same title, written by Megan Smolenyak, who was the chief research advisor for the TV series?

The book is a basic how-to for people getting started in genealogy, and covers all the first steps/areas to focus on when beginning family research. It is quite comprehensive, and includes many internet sites to try. The book is very fun to read, and examples are sprinkled in from Smolenyak’s family research, as well as well-known folks. Written in a very creative style, the middle section of the book adds vignettes from each of the first-season's celebrities and a description of their journeys in fact-finding, along with color photos to illustrate.

The first-season's episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? are now being re-run on NBC on Friday evenings. Be sure to watch the commercials to see our two Midwest Genealogy Center advertising spots!

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