What's the Story Wishbone?

October 21, 2010

I like animals. If you like animals too, then you might like the Wishbone series.

This series is about a Jack Russell Terrier who goes on adventures. This is actually a series with three different sub-series within it: The Wishbone Classics, The Wishbones Adventures, and Wishbone Mysteries. The last two also have several ‘super’ additions within them.

In the Wishbone Classics, which include stories like Romeo and Juliet and the Red Badge of Courage, a piece of classical literature is retold in a way for young readers to understand, with commentary from Wishbone throughout. (Please note that the authors of this blog do not advocate you reading one of these books in a last minute attempt to get that big thick book for your Literature class read because the test is tomorrow. We’re not saying you can’t… but we can’t be held responsible.)

In the Wishbone Adventures, the plot is set in modern day and in a classic piece of literature, with the two stories mirroring each other in some way. In Ivanhound, Wishbone’s owner Joe Talbot and his friends are a team in a spelling bee at school. Meanwhile, Wishbone thinks how the story is similar to that of Ivanhoe. Here again, much like in the Classics, the story is retold – only with the dog as a character in the story – while the rest of the characters remain human.

Wishbone Mysteries feature the title character, Joe Talbot, and his friends in a completely original story. As the name implies, they are trying to find the cause or solution to a mystery that directly affects them – such as in Key to the Golden Dog, where they are trying to help a local pizza parlor stay in business after a toy engine is stolen from a display there.

This is a fun and enjoyable series for children to read, and could be used as a reading bridge to other more advanced series such as Encyclopedia Brown, Dear America and Harry Potter. Red Bridge Branch has a large assortment of the books, and if we don’t have the one you’re looking for – we can find the branch that does and order it for you!

Happy Reading!!

Linda R. & Emily E.
Red Bridge Branch

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