The Twilight Saga in a Nutshell

August 16, 2010

Who sparkles? That guy turns into a wolf? And she wants to be bitten? Huh? Yeah, it sounds way out there. Maybe you're not the type who wants to get into all that vampire/werewolf mumbo jumbo, but you would still like to know what all those people are talking about. Here are a few bits of information that can set you up to join the current Twilight conversations.

Twilight hit the bookshelves in 2005, and within months of its release became the New York Times #1 bestseller. Teenage girls were the first to dive into this dark and slightly twisted love story between Edward, a sparkling irresistible vampire, and Bella, a high school junior. It wasn't long though, before those teenage girls were searching for their copy of Twilight, only to find it laying on mom's nightstand. From Twilight came New Moon, where werewolves take center stage and Jacob, the wise cracking, dark and handsome werewolf, attempts to steal Bella's heart. Eclipse came next with a definite Edward vs. Jacob theme, and that brings us to Breaking Dawn, the fourth and last of the series where chaos ensues and battles are raged.

With all this mania over the books, it didn't take Hollywood long to jump on the bandwagon and have now made three of the four books into films, with the fourth book being split into two movies to be released soon. That brings us up to date on the source of the Twilight Saga hysteria. Now, who are these people that we're all so obsessed with? Here's the rundown:

Edward Cullen: Sparkling, yes he sparkles in the sunlight, handsome, intelligent, witty, a bit dark, and oh yeah, he's a vampire. He's also close to 110 years old, but will forever be trapped in time as a 17 year old. He's been waiting a 100 years and has finally found Bella, his soul mate.  Mr. Robert Pattinson plays this dreamy vamp in the film versions.

Bella Swan: Self exiled to Forks Washington to live with her father, she is immediately drawn into the allure of Mr. Cullen from the first week of school. You guessed it; they fall in love, deeply and completely. She's willing to give up her mortal life to live a life of eternaty with him, if only he'd let her. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella in the films. Hold the phone though, because here comes;

Jacob Black: An extremely handsome, funny, and stacked to the rafters, childhood friend of Bella, who is of course in love with her. He lives nearby on the Native American reservation for the Quileute tribe.  Bella's sun in a time of darkness, when Edward disappears, but cannot fill the hole in Bella's heart. One more fact about Jacob, he's a werewolf, transformed into a werewolf to protect the "pale faces" from vampires. Taylor Lautner and the 35lbs of muscle he put on for the role, plays him in the films.

So, now we've got the love triangle down, what else do you need to know?

The Cullens: The Vampires; Edward lives with Carlisle and Esme, his vampire dad and mom and four "siblings", Rose, Emmett , Jasper and Alice. Their cover is they were all adopted by Carlisle and Esme, because Esme is unable to have children. Carlisle has led them all to a "vegetarian" lifestyle meaning they don't drink the blood of humans, only animals.

The Quileutes: The Werewolves; Bound to protect humans from vampires, the Quileutes have made a pact with the Cullens not to destroy each other as long as they don't feast on humans in any way. This is bound to be a problem if Bella, a human, wants to become a vampire.

The Bad Guys:

James, Victoria, and Laurent: These are the vampires you don't want to cross in a dark alley. They have made no such pact, drink human blood, and especially want Bella's. After James is killed by the Cullens, Victoria and Laurent seek revenge. This is where the werewolves and the vampire’s team up, no one hurts Bella!

The Volturi: The governing body of the vampire world, if you will. There are few rules, but the main one is humans don't find out about vampires. Whoops! Bella knows. So, they make a deal with the Cullens that Bella must be changed or she will die.

So, now you have the basics, Edward loves Bella. Bella loves Edward. Jacob loves Bella. Vampires and werewolves hate each other unless Bella is in danger. Bella loves Jacob, as a friend, she thinks. Bella wants to be a vampire, Edward doesn't want her to, and the Volturi will kill her if she doesn't. Throw in some supernatural powers, a shimmering bunch of vampires and a lot of shirtless werewolves and you have the Twilight Saga, in a nutshell.



i love this movie so much i would kiss edward as long as i live!



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