November 05, 2012

November is the perfect time for family traditions. Start new ones, continue old ones, borrow some, share some with others, and make some up, especially fun silly ones pertaining to your family only.

Don't just have them for major holidays. Lots of opportunities arise: game nights, unusual "national celebration days," winter picnics on the family room floor, and annual cook outs with a family circus performance or play! My family has many traditions, some serious and some silly, that we enjoy and are special to us. All keep our family close and communication lines open.

One of our earliest American traditions eventually became a national holiday thanks to Sarah Hale. Read about it at your library, and while you are there, pick up some books on making family traditions!

The Joy of Family Traditions by Jennifer Trainer Thompson

Fun, Family Traditions by Cynthia MacGregor

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson

Rose Ellen H.
Blue Springs South Branch


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