Theodore Roosevelt Down the Amazon!

April 09, 2013

Man-eating catfish! Ferocious piranhas! White-water rapids! Cannibals, snakes, starvation! Does that sound like the description of a really bad horror flick? Actually, it’s only a few of the real-life dangers faced by President Theodore Roosevelt on one of the most ill-fated exploratory journeys of all time. 

The River of Doubt, an incredible adventure story and fascinating biography by Candice Millard, is the true story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing exploration of a treacherous, uncharted tributary of the Amazon River called the River of Doubt. Millard uses her experience as a journalist for National Geographic Magazine to write vivid, scenic descriptions of the vast jungles and grisly accounts of the company’s many brushes with death.

If you love true adventure, biographies, history, or simply appreciate a well written story, check out The River of Doubt, by Candice Millard.

Laura M.
Kearney Branch

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Through The Brazilian Wilderness

The original book Through The Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt has now been recorded as an audio book. It has been very well reviewed and is available at,, or directly from the publisher

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Roosevelt's first-hand account must be fascinating! Thanks for letting us know.

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