Temple Grandin - An Inspiring Story!

August 06, 2010

If you are a fan of Home Box Office (HBO) on television, you may have seen a movie that really impressed me! The movie, Temple Grandin, is about a woman who has made great accomplishments in her life, even though she was diagnosed with autism at the age of four years. The movie recently received 15 Emmy nominations! Temple Grandin went to college and earned a doctorate in Animal Science. She also invented and designed equipment and methods for the cattle industry to handle cattle more humanely. In addition to teaching at a Colorado University, she has consulted for the cattle industry, creating humane solutions to problems. I was so impressed by this movie and the good feeling that her accomplishments evoked, that I did what I usually do when I am intrigued—I looked up the subject at the library!

I found that many books written by Grandin are available at MCPL, but one of her autobiographical books, Emergence, Labeled Autistic, was not. I was able to get this book by requesting it via Interlibrary Loan. This is very easy at Mid-Continent Public Library. Just ask your local librarian to order this book for you outside the library system, or place a hold yourself in the online resource, WorldCat. These holds generally take longer than a hold on a material that the library owns, since the material is coming from another library in the US. Other interesting books that MCPL does own by Grandin include Thinking in Pictures, which describes what it is like to live with autism, from Grandin’s viewpoint and The Way I See It, which is Temple’s first autobiographical work. Developing Talents may be helpful to those that have been diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome, as the book includes tips and suggestions on how to develop talents and novel ways to get a job! You can also check out many other books at the library on the subject of autism. I found Temple Grandin’s writings and achievements fascinating!

Janet H.S.

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