Tell Me A Story... From Home!

December 09, 2011

Ready for check out—everything you need in a kit to record your family stories. These kits are an extension of the "Tell Me A Story" oral history recordings available free of charge at the Midwest Genealogy Center. This kit includes a digital recorder and instructions. Our staff will burn your recording to a CD. With your permission, we will also add those stories to our oral history digital collection. 

Just use your MCPL library card to check out the "Tell Me A Story" oral history kit, and take it to your holiday get-together! Visit older relatives and record those stories before they are lost! 

Cheryl L.
Midwest Genealogy Center

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Oral history recordings

What a great idea for folks that may not have a digital recorder! I have one but forgot to take it home with me on Christmas. The bummer was that my dad, who never talks about his past, started talking about when he was in the army and stationed in Ansbach Germany. I wish I would of had my recorder with me! I will have to write it down instead but it would have been great to hear it from him.

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