Tell Me a Story

September 15, 2011

Ever wished you had a special family member’s memories recorded? MCPL can help. It’s very easy to do and fun too.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview three long-time residents of Edgerton during the Edgerton Pioneer Days festival. It was very interesting to learn how the town has changed over the years, and why those changes happened. Each person’s story was so unique and shed light on how seemingly every day events can change history and impact us all today.

Pioneer Days has passed until next year, but you can make an appointment to be interviewed and recorded anytime throughout the year with our new portable equipment from the Tell Me a Story project at the Midwest Genealogy Center. We would love to help your family record their personal history stories, or you can check out the equipment to use at your next family reunion or holiday dinner. Sample interview questions are available to help you get the conversations and stories started.

Grandparent’s Day is celebrated in September. What better way to commemorate the holiday than gathering together and recording your own family’s stories?

Tiara D.
Edgerton Branch

Tags: genealogy, family history


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