Summer Activities at the Library

June 24, 2011

There are fun activities to go with the reading program at the Dearborn Branch this summer. Representatives of the Kansas City Zoo were here June 21st, and presented a program about the animals of the Amazon. They read a story, and also had a jaguar pelt for the children to look at and feel.

There was a double yellow-headed amazon parrot for us to see. The bird has the personality of about a 2-year old human. The parrot can live up to seventy five years, so planning for its care through the years is important.

We also saw a python from the zoo. It was about four feet long, and curled up on the handler's arm as she held it and showed it. The zoo representative explained how the snake evaluates prey for food. She explained that snakes dont have noses like a mammal. Kids who came to the program got to touch the snake's scales if they wished.

People who attended the program had a good time. There are a number of programs going on this summer at the Library. You can find out about them on our website, or in a publication you can pick up at the branch called Beyond the Books. Our next program features storyteller, Jo Ho. We hope to see you here!

Howard B.
Deaborn Branch

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