Some Common Foods Can Be Hazardous to Our 4-Legged Friends

August 06, 2011

A few years ago after the Easter holiday, our basset hound, Bernie, grabbed half of a 5 pound ham from the kitchen counter. With those short legs, you might wonder how he managed that, but he did. Hearing a plate hit the floor, I came to investigate only to confront him with the whole thing clamped tightly between his teeth and the chase was on. He led me in circles around the house until I finally cornered him. His prize was not given up easily. His teeth were firmly lodged in the ham and a tug of war ensued. He was determined to keep it, but I was more determined to take it away.

I later learned that ingesting ham is a common reason for a visit to the vet, and that ham and bacon contain too much salt and fat which can cause pancreatitis in dogs.  Most of us know that chocolate, especially cocoa powder and baking chocolate, is toxic, but here are some other common foods that are dangerous to your dog:

  • Onions and garlic (powder, raw, dehydrated) – destroys red blood cells and causes cumulative damage
  • Grapes and raisins – can cause kidney damage
  • Caffeine in large quantities can be fatal
  • Bones can splinter and obstruct the digestive system
  • Salty chips or pretzels can lead to sodium ion poisoning
  • Raw meat or eggs can cause food poisoning

If you find yourself faced with a dilemma like mine, it’s a smart idea to keep the number of your local vet and the closest emergency clinic handy. For more information, take a look at:

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