Red Bridge Quilters

January 15, 2011

The Quilting Group meets the first and third Tuesday of every month at the Red Bridge Branch. They work together to make quilts for different charities and group homes.  Recently, they were featured in the Neighborhood News section of the Kansas City Star. Their front page picture shows the ladies holding a quilt made for Jim and Peggy Donovan’s daughter, who is graduating from high school in 2012. Her grandmother, Mary Donovan, started the quilt a few years ago and has since passed without finishing the quilt. The ladies of the quilting group knew how important the quilt was to Donovan and wanted to help finish the quilt for her granddaughter.

This is just one story of the amazing quilts that the quilting group has tirelessly worked on for the last 16 years.  Three of their wonderful creations adorn the walls of the Red Bridge Branch.

Carrie C.
Red Bridge Branch

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