Reading Made Fun

June 14, 2013

It’s summertime, and the kids want to do anything but read, right? How about coming up with some fun incentives to get them motivated?

Incentives could include getting to help Mom make cookies or cupcakes, picking what to have for a meal, getting to have a sleepover, spending a day with Dad, having a water party, playing a board game with Mom and/or Dad, and even doing a scavenger hunt.

Reading aloud, either at home or while in the car, is another good idea. Or, why not have your child read to his own audience – stuffed animals, dolls, or even action figures. 

You might want to consider having them match their video playing, computer time, and/or TV time with the same amount of time reading. Another idea, not often thought of, is to turn on the closed captioning option on your TV so the kids can read what’s being said. Anything that gets words and stories in front of them will help get them reading. 

Here are some juvenile books that might help jump start your child’s interest in reading:

Don’t forget to sign your child up for MCPL’s Summer Reading Program, "Dig Into Reading." Keeping track of all the minutes they’ve spent reading will allow them to earn lots of books and prizes.

Time to pick out a few books and get reading!

Laurel B.
Lone Jack Branch


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