Reading Helps Alzheimer's Disease?

June 21, 2010

Did you know? (Don’t you just love commentary that starts with that question? It naturally assumes that you probably don’t know. It also assumes that someone else does know. And finally, it assumes that you want to know). Alas, tradition is hard to break. So here goes . . .

Did you know that reading is the number one practice that defeats Alzheimer’s disease? Well, it is! Reading forces the mind into active participation with the author (or reader in the case of children). Regular reading keeps the mind focused, open, and nimble. Please remember that habits of childhood carry on throughout life. Read! Read to your children. Share stories with friends and family. Keep your mind alive.


Alzheimer's Disease

Unfortunately, my Dad too was an avid reader including chemistry books and formulas. He was athletic and worked into his 80's but still suffered from the disease ultimately. I also wish they would find a cure for it.

Alzheimer's Disease

Possibly it helps; but my Dad was an avid reader his entire life and still got Alzheimer's Disease. I just wish they would find a cure for it.

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