November 27, 2012

What covers 1/10th of the world’s surface at 14.4 million square kilometers?
What is 28 times the size of Texas?
What is the most isolated, coldest, iciest, highest, and windiest continent?
What has the most awesome and glorious scenery?

These superlatives all describe Antarctica!!

We traveled to Antarctica in its summertime (February), so temperatures were similar to those in the Kansas City area at the time. Our ship was designed for Arctic/Antarctic waters so we could withstand the unexpected hurricane, which lasted several hours and brought winds of over 100 mph plus waves of over 21 feet.

The wildlife was abundant, and we spent hours filming the ice, sea, whales, seals, and thousands of penguins. Our landings were made on islands and the continent with no problems as long as we wore all the necessary gear (three layers of clothing, plus knee-high rubber boots, gloves, headwear, and waterproof parkas and life jackets).

Some of the brave climbed high and slid down the snow peaks on their bottoms, and others took dips in the icy waters. As long as we could navigate the rocks, snow fields, and penguin poop, we did fine! We all celebrated on deck when crossing the Antarctic Circle, while the Captain and "Neptune" poured the freezing sea water down our necks. All of us agreed that there was no way to describe the beauty of the majestic continent with its pristine glaciers and icebergs.

Barbara H.
South Independence Branch


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