Obscure Holidays

January 07, 2013

When looking for ideas to use for my blog post, I often turn to the reliable source, Chase's Calendar of Events. This reference book has entries for each day of the year. Birthdays of famous people are included every day, and various events, anniversaries, and holiday are listed for every day. Some of the "special" days listed are quite obscure; they make you wonder about how much free time some people have on their hands.

Today, for example, has two listings for days I never would have thought to commemorate. First, we have "I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day." This is "a day to fight back and take control of all events that happen in one's life. Stand up for your rights--it's so easy to walk away." Really? I don't know about you, but I'm skeptical and I don't think that is possible (even with a special day set aside for it).

Also, today is "National Thank God It's Monday! Day." The idea behind this day is actually something I can get behind and support. As noted in Chase's, "people everywhere start new jobs, have birthdays, celebrate promotions, and begin vacations on Mondays." Several of our federal holidays always fall on a Monday.

When you want some quick entertainment, you can always rely on Chase's Calendar of Events to give you something new to think about. I think that's why it appeals to me so much--I always learn something new, and that's the best part of working at the Library.

Sheryl W.
North Oak Branch


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