National Ice Cream Day Is Coming Up!

June 06, 2013

With summer on the horizon, I was so pleased to find out that National Ice Cream Day is June 7. Making ice cream was a family event. My mother would get the ingredients for the ice cream ready. My dad would do the heavy lifting by getting the ice cream maker out and ready for operation. Then, the kids would be responsible for the bag of ice. This event would generate storytelling about days gone by from my parents. It would also be an opportunity for my father to share science facts about the reason salt is so important in the ice cream making process; it lowers the freezing temperature of water. Then, my grandparents would come over to sample.

We have passed that tradition down to our own family. The kids find it fascinating to create interesting flavors like strawberry-chocolate or pineapple upside-down cake. My husband likes to make homemade waffle cones. I discovered the best recipe from the book, Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones.

What are your ice cream traditions?

Pat B.
Claycomo Branch 


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